Advantages and Disadvantages of a Family Camping Trip

We cannot deny it: we live in times of crisis. Not having much money in your pocket also affects us when choosing where to spend the holidays. Luxury hotels, travel to distant places or lunches and dinners at expensive restaurants are no longer significant options in many of the minds of many. But there is a salvation, a cheap place to spend a family vacation without suffering economically: the campsite. We recently returned from an amazing Zion tours where we were able to experience a wonderful family vacation, but at a cheaper price.

Summer Family Camping 2008

A campsite is a defined area conditioned and designed to provide people by paying a specified price over a period of time, a place to stay outdoors using , as a residence, mobile shelters , caravans, tents field or other similar easy to transport . Its main attraction is not only the value of their services, but the possibility of offering a different tourism on a weekend getaway or vacation.


We know that the site is an open space, outdoor enclosed and provided with the necessary elements to accommodate people in tents, caravans or bungalows. One of its biggest advantages is the freedom it offers compared to traditional hotels, in terms of hours and the inputs and outputs of the guests.

The campsite, which every day has more followers, is the place for family holidays, as children can enjoy nature in its purest form, have fun and meet other children. Also ideal for youth groups that do not have too many means. In addition, these establishments, not being luxurious, are usually deployed in a privileged position, as can be at the beach or near beautiful parks.

Family Camping

Moreover, the range of activities of a campground is almost unmatched; being typical sports, children’s entertainment or nightlife, plus tours and excursions in the area, often full of huge trees and vegetation zones.


But not everyone is willing to give up the luxuries and amenities found in hotels. Allergies, insect bites and nocturnal noises annoy some visitors. Another drawback may be the lack of privacy, so the camping is not recommended for anyone who seeks a vacation away from the world.