Camping Places and Tips for Your Children

The key is to choose a good destination to go camping with the kids because whether you are small like you have already entered adolescence, you cannot go anywhere. You have to choose a site that has a minimum of sports facilities, swimming pool and if a good dose of entertainment and outdoor activities possible. That way both children and older you can enjoy a good holiday. Spain, thankfully, has a network of the best campsites in Europe and with its variety of locations; both in town and in the mountains, the choices are vast. To help you choose, we offer the top five destinations for camping with children.
Camping place bay
Photo Credit: Marios Tziortzis
Overall the Catalan coast has a great network site but if you choose in southern province of Tarragona, near towns such as Cambrils or Salou. They are so comfortable that seem hotels, which also exist if you repent at the last moment. So count off not only with the option of the beach but you can also give to your children with a visit to the nearby Port Aventura has also recently opened a new area for the little Sesame Adventure .

If you are not family beach or you want to change this year we recommend you take a peek Aragon. You have the option to go camping in the Aragonese Pyrenees and enjoy original spaces and leisure parks that have in nature and Lacuniacha, where children can enjoy the animals that inhabit the Pyrenees and lush vegetation. Nearby, Sabiñánigo, you can explore its primary. If the selected area is Teruel, children will enjoy a great time in the Dinópolis reliving the era of the dinosaurs through projected virtual recreations, 3D images and playgrounds.

Valencia and its coast is another option that you can also enjoy its magnificent beaches and restaurants able embelesaros with your children enjoy a day at the Oceanographic, located in the City of Arts and Sciences.

Asturias is another great place to go with children, especially if you are used to living in a big city asphalt destination. There will enjoy nature at its best. And if you love animals you can take to visit the two brown bears living in the “Bear Trail ” located between the towns of San Andres and Taverga.


Camping tips for choosing best tent

Going camping is an activity that seems to become more and more popular, so it is expected that there are many shops that sell items for care of this order, for the adventurers to be in total comfort when going on holiday to a camping. But as we have repeatedly spoken, there are several things to consider when preparing to go camping.

It is important, for example, knowing well what the best camping tents, because we buy things real quality, which are authentic, durable and useful. Remember that these items will allow us to literally survive in a place where it may not be much to use. So taking the opportunity, today we are going to provide some tips and recommendations for you to know what are the best camping tents.

To recognize a good camping goods store, you should do a little research about this. It is best to find a place that is known throughout the country in which you live, and if a chain of camping products, this is the best store to visit. Possibly the prices are higher than other stores, but practicing camping is a hobby that costs money. Note that, depending on the type of camping you plan to go or needs you have to meet with your tools, worth making a financial investment. The good thing is always expensive.

The store should be allowed to make changes and to return a product, have the best brands of camping items for sale, with instructions and offer products that are sealed in its box. Some smaller stores seek to attract you with promotions, precisely because the items are expensive, but it’s a good idea to give them a try as they may have better prices. – Wikipedia

What do not I recommend is that you buy such items at a place other than exclusively site, i.e., do not buy your items for you camping in a supermarket, do it in a camping store.