Promotional displays can get a Point of Purchase

One of the most effective techniques Merchandising is the massive exposure from products to sales and proper display of goods can have a very important role in retail sales.

As the self – service was developed in a number of stores and consumer traffic; more products became desirous of obtaining a prominent place. The increased competition has forced organizations to work more professionally in defense of their markets and attracting new consumers. Let us see what a proper promotional exposure can do for the brand by consumers and intermediaries (retail stores):
Nova Point of Sale
Photo Credit: Nova Point of Sale

A) Advantages of Promotional Exhibition for Brand: EXPOSURE TO REINFORCE A BRAND LOYALTY: We all have our preferences, our favorite brands even when we deny any brand loyalty when we introduce ourselves immune to the appeals of propaganda. However, when we see our favorite brands displayed prominently in shops where we bought we are more convinced of our faithfulness. Consequently, there is need to expose these brands prominently, so that loyal consumers to easily locate their preferred brands. An EXPOSURE breaks the monotony SHOPPING: Shop a self – service without promotional exhibition becomes a linear and symmetric physical system. This aspect is even more intense the longer the store. Thus, a colorful display breaks the monotony and makes the environment into something more alive and dynamic, thus making the act of buying something nicer.

REDUCES THE IMPACT OF EFFORTS OF COMPETITION: If your company has a very well exposed, clean and great looking, get product she distracted the attention of consumers for your product, so that there is even an exchange for another product by her besides reducing the impact of concorrência.EXPOR INCREASES SALES: According to research, the Merchandising is responsible for about 70 % of unplanned purchases. Therefore, the longer the exposure, the greater the chances of product sales.

EXPOSURE TRANSFORMS ADVERTISING SALES: Propaganda is one of the most important tools of marketing. However, as it is a communication process that uses appropriate vehicles, cannot complete the sale because it does not put the consumer and the product face to face. Thus, we can conclude that it is exposure to complete this task, because it is the final link of the whole selling process.

B) Advantages of Promotional Exhibition for Consumer:

EXPOSED ENCOURAGES BUY PULSE: The success of sale system for self – service comes from the fact that this technique does the consumer get the product that was not their intention to shop.

EXPOSURE CAUSES IDEAS: Today, due to increasingly stay away from their homes, consumers tend not to use shopping lists, relying more and more reminders at point of sale. Performing a proper exposure, the company will remind the consumer about your brand.

EXPOSURE MAKES SHOPPING EASIER: Exposure leaves well made the product easy to be found and accessible to the consumer. Also avoid stock outs.

EXPOSURE MAKES MORE SPEED SHOPPING: With the lack of time for consumer purchases, the product is visible in special exhibitions allows the consumer does not lose time or choose among several competitors, becoming faster your decision.

C) Advantages of Promotional Exhibition for Intermediates (Retail Shops):

EXPOSURE INCREASE AVERAGE SALES: Since exposure well done encourages impulse buying, automatically consumers tend to buy more, thus increasing the average ticket purchases in the store. EXPOSURE DEVELOPS ALLEGIANCE TO THE STORE: The store that exposes their products in an orderly, clean and attractive form draws more attention of its consumers and hence creates loyalty to the store shopping.

The ATTRACT NEW CONSUMER EXPOSURE: Designing a well placed and visible, display the retailer attracts new consumers to the store, in addition to being recommended by their loyal consumers.

The PROFIT INCREASE EXPOSURE OF GOODS: Since exposure increases the sale and the sale increases the turnover of products, so the retailer increases its profitability.


Point of purchase merchandising products uses strategically placed usually near the front of the store by the cash register or to stimulate impulse buying consumer. When properly used this type of marketing strategy can not only increase the revenue of the store, but also create brand loyalty by introducing new products for customers.

Point of buying placement is designed to attract the attention of customers, as they are considering their end or preparing to check out shopping. Goods placed near the front of the store, specifically near the box, are the most likely to be seen by customers. According to Citeman Network, a study showed that supermarket of 2,473 customers, 38 percent purchased an item that had never bought before. The fact that the item was clearly visible was cited as the most common reason for buying.


Virtually any type of product may be a point of point of purchase. In supermarkets, magazines, sweets and travel size accessories are commonly found near the cash register as point of purchase products. New food marked down or placed at the ends of corridors products can also be considered the point of purchase merchandise. In retail stores, small boxes with the goods at a discount, such as cosmetics, clothing or accessories are commonly used as point of purchase items. Storing however, usually adapt their exposures according to the specific needs of consumers.


Display products with vivid colors that contrast with their surroundings are more likely to be noticed. Branded products are likely to be placed as a point of purchase merchandise. If a product is not a brand name, it will likely be placed near an item that is ideally right, because customers tend to see products in the same direction that they read. Marketing studies show that sales of items tend to decrease, and return normal once an item is moved from a point of purchase location back to the store shelves.


Unlike archived products placed throughout the store, customers usually only take a matter of seconds to decide whether they want to buy a point of purchase. To increase the likelihood of a customer making such a purchase, store owners often make these items part of a larger screen that relays important information about the product. A toy that reads, “Safe for children 3 and up “can quickly help parents make a purchase decision.


LCD Media Player is a Good Source of Sound

Spoke to the music player has more value, more or less quality goal for the ears is more forceful and conviction? Absolutely, it’s a question auto and auto response truism, but I take it on board a regular reader, “Nosferatu”, makes a digression on whether the musical equipment of today sound less nuanced than before to enter into a Land you usually speak little but is basic to appreciate music in all its splendor and creation.
Digital Signage LCD with Integrated Media Player
Photo Credit: Sun Group

I do not know how you can be certain and even have basic argument that consideration made “Nosferatu” that ” the players before are better than now,” and noting premium brands such as Yamaha and Harman Kardom, he says he “manhandled” lately . Personally I could not comment with certainty or any argument about because I’m clinging to my computer many years ago is still superbly -un sounding Pioneer amplifier 100 watts , Turntable Techniques , CD Philips, equalizer Pioneer and four baffles JBL- , and I guess teams now remain equally good or more than before.

But what I have no doubt that is a good team is vital to the music sound conditions, an essential tool for music lovers. And do not talk about expensive equipment, worth a kidney and sounding more sybaritic than the needs and physical capabilities of the ear. There have been only occasions I’ve met people with galactic teams , passing the million old pesetas , but whose owners had , I fear, to show off to cronies rather than to hear good music. And do not talk about these specialized establishments pocket exquisite sound is plucked.

Not that we ‘re not there to splash out on a computer , but not the handiest mini pull strings let alone with the radio as usual CDs desktop players . In light of these products are on display in the shops I ‘m afraid they are the most used at home. That is, a degradation of sound and music. So no one can see the richness of the works that are factory. You can not appreciate the sound of a body, treble, bass depth … – drive – still less the nuances, drawings instruments, mixing … nothing. That and a pilonga chestnut is the same.

In a hifi each piece is important, but in my opinion the most important are the speakers. A bad speaker, or baffles, corrupts any team however good or expensive it is. I confess my weakness for the brand JBL, especially to listen to rock (for classical, Affinity). The JBL I discovered many years ago in a famous recording studios Ibiza and I was stunned with its ability to highlight the grave without hearing damage or clog the middle and upper registers. I did as I could with a partner, then I expanded to the current four. The first two, of course, with the membranes “chopped”, I changed them while woofers; peak cost me but it was not about to part with them, I have affection for them. And do not think, as advertised detergent, someone convinced me to switch brands.

There’s nothing to see a disc last on a few baffles like these or similar to a mini chain or I bargain. That’s something that gives me the feeling, people do not appreciate, even hardcore music lovers. But some baffles, again, are essential. Sure, these baffles should be well fed for a good power amp, otherwise the balance is broken.

It would be nice to talk here about the teams or players that everyone used to listen to music, from large chains to CDs radio, mp3 , the iPod , the radio … To me it itches curiosity : a good team though , I insist , not fancy , talk – think – of melomania of each. Do you how you handle it?

Kind of LCD media player to buy

Encouraged by my friend think motion this time on music players.

What to buy if there are so many to choose from? Worse, sometimes we have no clue about them.

Top three before choosing any product

1. What do you want?

Not only want to hear the same music, they want to see video, photos, and more on a screen of an approximately square inch. The other is how much music, videos and photos stored on the device we want to choose or if you only want to listen to our favorite songs selection? 100… 200… 1000…?
To this rule is not to buy the excess that no deal; those functions or properties of the device that we give a damn, unless we want to possess in case or vanity, because that’s another thing … then pay for the excess…

For example if you just want to hear music, but also do not mind the name of the song or the group or singer who performs Bingo! You just need an iPod shuffle or any other cheaper generic mp3. You do not need a video IPod.

If you just want to hear music but see the same information as bought a display device (display)

I warn you it is tempting to buy the excess, we are always doing everywhere. We buy things we never use or only use on a few occasions, and then spins remain in a desk drawer or the house.

Who would buy ice skates hoping that someday snow in Nicaragua? More than a clueless believes me…

2. How much money do we have to buy it?

This is very important as the former is closely related and sometimes this is the determining factor.

The more appropriate question is how much can I spend on that? (I was not the question that is in human nature to always want “the best” associated with “the most expensive”).

I warn you that if you are compulsive shoppers are going to buy something that does not necessarily comply with paragraph 1 or 2 or 3. Pure Instinct consumer.
The recommendation is the balance purchase what they want and can pay with acceptable quality.

2 Types of Quality Hardware

Here is the hardest certain knowledge about the properties of the device is required, I am no expert so I will refer to them as an amateur user.

a. Warranty How long is the warranty?
The more you get better. Where? In your country or across the ocean?

b. Type of energy used: AAA batteries?
It has the advantage of being in any store and you can easily change them but have the disadvantage of its weight. The best thing is that the device works with a lithium battery that is used in laptops. The other important thing is how long they are running the device, the more hours better, unless applying point 1 do not mind that last only a few hours for no more than an hour listens anyway.

3. Functionality and structure:

If the buttons on the device are resistant to manipulation or not. There are devices that break only see them … (ok I’m exaggerating, but the problem is to plot …), if they are uncomfortable or not, if the appliance has protection against bumps or not.

4. Device functions:

Playback quality, high volume or low enough for your taste and hearing; resolution video or photos; quality voice recording, fm radio signal.

5. Hardware & software integration:

This is very important How to load music, videos or photos? Need a special program or is it just drag and drop, as is commonly done with a flash? Are you can draw or not? Do you apply restrictions on use or not? A device that only plays music purchased at “x ” site and can only be run on it and you cannot share it on other devices you will lose patience and you’ll see … what music formats supports mp3 , mp4 , aac.ogg , mpc? The most common is mp3, ancient, with its faults but the most universal. Speed to load your music, is not the same load 80 songs in 5 minutes in 2 hours.

6. Support:

Not the same as the security; establishments is whether your place to repair or replace if under warranty. This is very hard to find. Most stores will sell the device but do not get support. They use it consumerist culture and throw it away … ahh! And buy another in the same store. Are disposable musical devices? There is talk of an average of 3 years (I have a 3-year old and 4 AA batteries but a tank).

7. Aesthetics:

For some people this is important, if you look at the device or smart. Colors: Psychedelic? White or black? It has to do with point 1 what do you want? If you wear it in the office to choose sober colors. There are others that this point does not care but do not underestimate its important part has.

Do you think you’re ready to buy? Not yet: you lack some additional information.

Before buying read the technical specifications of musical device, if you do not understand the expert asked the boy or seller never the girl who came to seek work “manages Store” and left it by accident in the area of music.

No marks your whim, sometimes the price difference you lies precisely in that, although the properties of the device are the same and in many cases even better devices in little-known brands. I remember not pay for fancy shapes.
As MP3 (Motion and Picture Expert Group Layer 3) compression format free music and more used in the world is recommended that the first thing you verify is if you play files with mp3. Different format universally disseminated is to Microsoft and Window Media Player program uses the extension wma but not free and is subject to corporate rights; many songs in this format use the format function protected and can only be run from the computer to “legally” owns, AAC (mp4 ) so files are known with the extension m4a and belongs to Apple has similar restrictions as wma and aggravation that is not as widespread is still the format quintessential iTunes program used exclusively for charging music the IPod OGG free format.

If you buy a device to see videos and pictures, you should make sure you can play the following formats: AVI (DivX and Xvid better), MPG, WMV, RealVideo and others.

But what equipment to buy? Does Flash or disk?

The flash is small and light, very versatile but have little storage capacity (4 or 5 Gb max) and are more expensive than disks.

The IPod and Zune are just a few players of the brand Apple and Microsoft respectively, each model has its own characteristics.

Apple was the first to include video in your player. But … but only hide a work from its platform and in the case of zune is said that is not yet compatible with Window Vista , that is worse off than the iPod , at least the latter works great with iTunes, its platform, and you can download it free from their site. The major limitation of both is in addition to price, you enslave their products and the music you buy in the network has limited reproduction permissions. When choosing, no doubt including iPod is the best, from this perspective.

If you do not want to follow the behavioral parameters of thousands of compulsive buyers I recommend buying generic players and most have a common flash memory, which allows them to operate without drivers on Windows XP or higher, Linux and MAC, plug it into the USB port and upload music has been said. In addition to this great advantage, are lowest price, you can have your music file singer or group or collections (e.g. Music Dixiland); you can also use them to store text files and others as a removable disk.

In short my dear friends remember the golden rule is to get the greatest benefits at the lowest price.

I remind you that this review is of an amateur user to other fans who are or will be users and therefore is subject to controversy.