Health Education: Infertility in Men

It’s a common thought in society today that if there is a problem and that needing to visit a fertility clinic is the cause of the woman. Well hopefully one day we will forever dispel this myth because that just isn’t the case. In fact the percentages of whose problem that causes it is split pretty equally between the sexes. There seems to be much information available about the causes of female infertility, so this article is meant to educate people on the causes of infertility in men.

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Physical causes

Poor sperm quality

Healthy sperm are very important to be pregnant to. Therefore, the most common cause is a defective production of normal and good motile sperm in male infertility. Possible causes are too few to be immobile or too many deformed sperm.

Testicular damage and inflammation

But also damage and inflammation of the testicles can causes of infertility to be. Foremost among these are:

  • Undescended testicles
  • Testicular torsion
  • Orchitis (by mumps or other viral diseases)
  • Varicose vein in the testicle
  • Injury of the testis
  • Inflammation of the sex glands (epididymis, prostate , seminal vesicles)
  • Blocked seminal tract

Inflammation or injury can block seminal tract and thereby to infertility in the male lead. The production of healthy sperm is thereby not affected, but these can not be passed, and as a result it does not get into the seminal fluid.

Treatment of physical causes

The creation of a semen analysis provides information about the quality of the sperm. Also, there is the possibility to perform hormonal therapies and drug treatments or surgery for testicular damage and inflammation. Furthermore, in blocking paths seed is a testicular biopsy to obtain sperm for sperm injection possible.

With increasing evidence for faulty paternal contribution to reproduction, there has been a steady increase in studies highlighting an association between sperm DNA damage, failed/delayed fertilisation and aberrant embryo development. –

Hormonal causes

In men, a disturbance of hormones have a cause of poorer semen quality with a result of infertility. This cause of hormonal disorder comes from a man but only very rarely.

Treatment of hormonal causes

If it is possible, hormone therapy is carried out.

One of infertility in men and women can thus several underlying causes. However, physical and hormonal causes can be treated successfully in many cases to a infertility counter.

Gladly we have made tremendous inroads in being able to correct male infertility issues, and we can only hope that as things continue to progress we will only get better at solving the mysteries of the human body in relation to reproductive medicine.

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