Help For Seniors With Dementia

This is a game for people with dementia, a game that they’ll love to play and will help them. If you have a family member in an assisted living facility who’s experiencing dementia then this may be helpful health education. Many people find their lives relaxation and delight you as you play. Especially in the age, and especially in people with dementia, this hobby is a great way to train the brain and to halt the “dementia ghost” stop. However, there’s to consider some important factors. So the play and fun factor should be prioritized in order to avoid frustration when the right words are not found just the way his lips. If you join as family caregivers with puzzles, you should always have in mind where and how to build bridges memory. So you can name the first letter, remember a common experience, show pictures and objects.

Senior Citizen.

Photo Credit: Derek A.

There are also various puzzles ways that you can either purchase as can be personalized with few resources:

 1. Make crossword puzzles for dementia sufferers themselves:

Draw on a DIN A4 sheet large box in the form of a crossword puzzle! Pay attention that each heading should have a maximum of 6 letters! If you have mastered the use of your computer, you can create the puzzles sketches with a computer program. Or ask your grandchildren or other young people who like are sure to help you.

Afterwards you think of simple words of familiar objects from which you know that they belong to the memory repertoire of your loved ones. After you present these words in various forms. So you can enter the first letter and give a brief description of the term as requested in writing as in a classic crossword puzzle. If it no longer works so well with the reading, it is also possible to show pictures of the search word, you cut from a book or from a promotional brochure. Or just show the objects in kind. When the writing ability is very limited, then you can fall back on a stamp.

2. Guesswork with saying maps

Older people have good access to proverbs. These are stored deeply in the memory and used since childhood. Therefore, they are available in dementia patients for a long time. There are specially designed for puzzle fun with dementia a set of cards with the most popular and most used proverbs. This proverb cards are designed so that the dementia sufferers alone can work with it but also for use as a couple or in a group, this card set is very good. The first half of the proverb is on the front, the supplement is marked on the back. You can read the first sequence and can guess the supplement or turn the back of the card together and read. Certainly you will discover even more your own methods as you have guessed with your dementia patients the most common fun saying.